Organic Bamboo Sateen Comforter

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The comforter is made from 100% organic bamboo viscose inside out for the shell and the fillings. Cuddly soft, highly breathable and cooling, the insert helps reduce overheating issues at night. The sewn-through box construction prevents the fillings from shifting and clumping. 

  • Shell: 100% viscose from FSC certified organic bamboo, featuring a luminous sheen. 
  • Fills: 100% viscose from FSC certified organic bamboo. Superior breathability and softness. 
  • Construction: sewn-through box stitching to prevent the fillings from shifting and clumping.
  • All-season weight, suitable for year around. 
  • Loops on the four corners to attach to a duvet cover. 
  • Both shell and fillings are OEKO-TEX® standard 100 certified for not containing any harmful chemicals.
  • Hypoallergenic and anti-bacterial. 
  • Free shipping across Indonesia.
  • Dry clean recommended. 
  • Set the dryer to low heat if dry cleaning at home. 
  • Spot clean with baking soda or oxygenated detergents to remove stubborn stains.

Customer Review

"... I have found that I absolutely LOVE how light this filling is, but also how warm it has kept me in winter times but also the fact that I do not sweat under this duvet filling when I am hot..."

- Belle
Organic Bamboo Sateen Comforter

Sewn-through box construction

Small box construction with sewn-through technique to prevent fillings from shifting around. 

 Soft, breathable, moisture wicking

Extraordinary thermo-regulating property with breathable and moisture wicking bamboo fillings and shell. No more overheating at night. 

Organic Bamboo Sateen Comforter