Our Story

We all spend a lot of time at home, so it is important to surround ourselves with things that are both comfortable and beautiful. 

Before entering the home goods business, like most people, I assumed that more expensive products were naturally higher quality. This perception was challenged when I came across some videos online, in which experts compared products from luxury apparel brands with more affordable versions. I was surprised to learn that quality products can come at any price point.

As a frequent shopper of home goods, I began researching the home goods industry and chatting with friends who are knowledgeable in textiles. They all confirmed what the videos had shown: often what we’re paying more for isn’t quality - it’s branding. 

This inspired me to create a home goods line that adheres to the materials and craftsmanship standards of luxury brands, while still remaining affordable. Here at Aeptom, we start with the essentials - bedding in solid colors - so that we can focus on what really matters: premium materials, beautiful craftsmanship, and sustainable practices. 

I believe sleep is the happiest thing in the world and I am obsessed with cozy bedding. Hope Aeptom will bring additional comfort to you.

Let's Talk About Priorities - Quality First

Hi, welcome to Aeptom! Our name Aeptom was inspired by the word "epitome", which means that quality always sits in the center of our operations. For our collections, we dig deep during the product development phase to understand the variables that underpin exceptional quality, and apply the findings to create quality products.

Working directly with raw material suppliers and manufacturers, we are able to save costs by cutting out the middlemen and forming a more efficient supply chain. These together with a reasonable profit margin allow us to offer sustainable and top-quality products at a reasonable price. 

Contact us

Email: hello@aeptom.id

Via social media: @aeptom_indonesia

PT Aeptom Sejuk Sentosa

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