Room Essentials for College Living

W hether you're heading off to college or are parenting a freshman student, it’s normal to be baffled when packing for college living. You don’t want to overpack and still be comfortable and make every inch of space you get count.

Every student is different and so are their needs and their packing checklist. But there are some room essentials that all students need in order to make their space feel like home, whether it’s a dorm or an apartment.

 Our college move-in checklist can make things easier for you.  


For colleges students, studying can be stressful, and stress makes good quality sleep even more critical. A comfortable and high-quality bedding material plays a major role when it comes to a restful sleep. 
You might feel like splurging on the silkiest and cloud-soft bed sheets. But if you are looking for affordable, comfy, and fitted sheets, opt for natural materials such as organic cotton and bamboo bedding.

Organic cotton and bamboo sheets are becoming increasingly popular, partly because of their environment friendliness. With proper care, bedsheets made of these materials last longer and hold dye better. These materials are prized for their unbeatable durability, softness, and health benefits.

A list of recommended sleeping essentials to pack includes:

Bed Sheets

Colleges typically reuse the same mattresses year after year. So, students are strongly advised to buy their own bed sheets. We advise using natural materials such as bamboo, linen, cotton, Tencel, etc.

These materials are easy to care for, and as mentioned above, last longer with proper care. Rather than caring for a bulky mattress, it's easy to maintain duvet covers without any hassle.


Being able to snuggle in bed with super soft and fluffy duvet is essential for a cozy dorm room. It is also potentially de-stressing.

Duvet inserts can come with various fills, such as cotton, feather down, polyester, silk and bamboo fibers. We generally advise going for natural materials and picking the filling based on your sleep habits. For instance, if you are a hot sleeper, bamboo filled duvet can be a great option given its temperature-regulating property.

Duvet Cover

Laundry can be less convenient in dorm or in rented apartment than at home, which makes caring for a duvet insert a daunting task.

To keep a good hygiene, we highly recommend using a duvet cover to protect the insert. Compared to duvet inserts, duvet covers are much easier to clean and maintain. Also, if you opt for superior materials for the duvet cover, it will surely add more comfort to your sleep.

Sleep Pillows

Sleep pillows are another most important part of high-quality and comfy bedding. When buying pillows and throws for your dorm room, pay attention to the material first. 
Pillows can have fills made of different materials such as memory foam, silk, cotton, feather down, and polyester. Which material suits you depends on your sleep habits. Our favourites are sleep pillows made up of silk, feather down and memory foam.

In addition to sleep pillows, you can have some stylish back pillows. It not only makes your bedding look beautiful but also adds to your comfort. Decorative pillows come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and data-styles. Tap into your creativity to mix and match different data-styles and colors to add unique vibes to your space. Soft and silky velvet makes a great material for decorative pillows.

Desk Lamp

Dorms have overhead lamps. But students often need to study without disturbing sleeping roommates.

So, don't forget to find the right desk or reading lamp. Your packing is incomplete without a lamp because it makes a big difference in the room's ambiance and impacts your productivity.

College desk lamps are intended for hours of studying without straining your eyes while making it easier to stay up and focused. It provides focused light needed for late-night studies when it’s time for finals.

Desk lamps come in various types and data-styles. Make sure that you choose a small in size and portable lamp that provides high-quality illumination. It’s a plus if the lamp has multi-tasking capabilities such as a shelf for holding cups, in-built USB chargers, etc.

Wall Art

Imagine walking into a dorm room with dull, blank walls covering the entire space. Now, think of entering an Instagrammable dorm room with decorated walls. Now, you got what we are trying to say.

One easiest, quickest, and effective way to add life to otherwise boring walls is decorating with wall art. For instance, if you are a nature lover, then nature-inspired paintings can be a good option. 

Indoor Plants

Adding indoor plants is another way to add colors and bring your dorm room to life. Houseplants not only spruce up the entire look and feel, but plants also help increase productivity and purify the air.

But not all botanicals are well-suited for college dorms. College life can be busy; so, having low-maintenance houseplants could be a great idea to bring in nature while not feeling overwhelmed.

Some good options are lucky bamboo, hoya, snake plant, pothos, heartleaf philodendron, aloe vera, and bromeliad. You can also get a money tree, succulents, or a ZZ plant.

Wrapping Up

Though the entire checklist of college move-in can be lengthy, the above-listed items are must-have room essentials. So, it is good pack tight and embark on a whole new, exciting journey of college life.  

Whether we admit it or not, sleep deprivation can affect all parts and systems of the body. One of the affected parts in our body that has a big responsibility in maintaining a good and healthy body is hormones.